My Word for the Year

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Initially, I wasn’t planning to have a word or theme of the year. Yet, in a coaching conversation I was asked what my word is.

That’s the beauty of the coaching environment, a time for reflection and ultimately growth. With the simple question of “what’s your word for the year,” the word intentionality came flowing in.

What I’ve found important is to define what a theme or word means to you. It helps to crystallize the theme and start the process of putting the word into action.

Intentionality to me means: focus on purpose.

Here’s how it comes alive: When I’m being intentional, I focus on who I want to be in the moments of my day and throughout my day.

Am I the person who gets up early and does my workout? Am I the person who makes a plan at work and performs at the highest level? Am I the person who is patient with my family?

I’ve noticed that when I am intentional, I do the work necessary in the moment and throughout the day. I achieve daily goals and even perform at higher levels. When I am not intentional, though, I have a history of not doing the things I want to do.

During the holidays, I dropped my intention of waking up early and working out. I wanted to. Yet I wasn’t intentional around making it happen. My workouts were spotty and haphazard. The early AM alarm went off and I stayed in bed. Clearly not the person that I want to be.

With the “fresh start” from the new year, I reengaged my intentionality and I woke up and worked out. The difference is that I was intentional about doing it. The intentionality forces me to make a plan and a commitment. Then I actually do the things I want to do.

Coming back to my definition of intentionally, it means focus on purpose. There are two bullet points under this definition:

  • You can purposely focus on something – i.e. you want to focus on that thing.
  • AND it’s a focus on your purpose.

The bigger picture is that I am focused on my purpose. I’m committed to intentionally following my purpose. 

In looking at the larger picture of purpose, being intentional on my purpose provides great momentum into actions and taps into my inner joy. It reminds me that I’m doing what I’m supposed to do because it’s aligned with who I want to be – who I am.

I’ve found with myself and the high powered clients I coach, when aligned with the bigger picture of who we want to be and focus on taking those specific actions each day, our performance and results go through the roof.

I invite you to discover your word or theme for the year. If that doesn’t resonate, all good, borrow mine and intentionally focus on purpose.