Mega Camp Takeaways

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“Everything Worthwhile Is Uphill.” — John Maxwell

As Xperience partners wrapped up an energetic week of training and networking events in Austin — from participating in Masterminds and Coaches Training, to learning about Keller Williams’ technology innovations, to having coffee with the next generation of Keller Williams leaders, to team dinners and group boxing classes!  — they used their weekly partner call to reinforce what they’d learned and what they intend to implement.


Here’s a selection of key aha’s and insights from Mega Camp and the standing-room-only “Master Time and Money” event that Chris Suarez hosted with Ben Kinney:

Alex Frank (Houston, TX) Don’t just spend time with people, invest in them!

Erica Fowler (Portland, OR) Set expectations with your client, meet those expectations, and then deliver an unexpected “Plus 1.”

Laurie Belair (Las Vegas, NV) Do it because you said you would!

Dawn Miller (Virginia Beach, VA) Elevate your client appreciation events. It doesn’t matter how many invitations you send, follow-up by phone and connect. And when it comes time for your event, save money and boost attendance by making it like an Open House with a range of hours and a flexible come-and-go policy.

Steve Scarnati (White Plains, NY) In Gary Keller words: Make peace with boredom!

Ben Love (Austin, TX) Go small to go big. Focus on select ZIP codes. Saturate the market with your name. A lot of us want to be everywhere. Take advantage of being known in one area.

Jordan Linnenkugel(Lubbock, TX) Learn to Master Time and Money! A lot of us want to say Yes to everything. You can take so much action you get nothing done.

Phillip Gazca (South Padre Island, TX) Focus on the difference between choices and choosing. Options can be taken away. We control the choices we make.

Holly Priestner (Austin, TX) We have to earn the right to be in business with others. The Xperience hub in Portland has to earn the right to be in business with our partners around the country. Our partners have to earn the right to bring new people in. Most important, we have to earn the right to be in business with our clients. As Chris asks himself every morning, “Who needs my A-game today?”

Katie Benson (Portland, OR) No matter what you do in life, you can still end up a sugar cookie. During Navy SEAL training, you’re sometimes sent to run headfirst into the Pacific Ocean and roll around in the sand until every inch of you is covered. Things are going to happen. You have to continue to drive. And sometimes you will still end up as a sugar cookie. You need people in your life to get through the difficult times — team members who can lean on each other and pull each other through. Best-selling author and leadership expert John Maxwell delivered a highly anticipated keynote address focused on intentional living. Here are the six characteristics of the place you want to get in your life and your career:

  1. A place where other people are ahead of me.

  2. A place where I’m continually challenged.

  3. A place where the focus is forward.

  4. A place where the atmosphere is affirming.

  5. A place where I wake up excited.

  6. A place where failure is not the enemy.