Master Time & Money

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Chris Suarez and Ben Kinney led a special Master Time & Money session exclusively for KW Young Professional members at Mega Camp.  Here are some quick notes on how to live a balanced but FULL life.

“Money is something you got to make in case you don’t die.”  — Max Asnas

How do we master money?

  1. Become a Student of Wealth

  2. Understand the Realities

  3. Understanding Compound Interest

  4. Building Asset Value in your Businesses

  5. Leveraging Financial Instruments

  6. Real Estate Investing Model

Tools to help us: 

  • Batch: put like activities in your day together.

  • Block: no more than 120 minutes per activity. Some people get too busy to actually be successful.

  • Break: every 90 minutes. Choose to change something in our calendar. We need to break appointments with people we care about. Detach the relationship with the appointment. What can I break? — the right person will push for it. The wrong person just want to take the time.

  • Buy: buy time through talent. Needs to be leverage not a luxury!

  • Borrow: borrow time from other meetings — efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Build: actively go into the calendar and build it out. Create your PERFECT WEEK!

Batch, Block, Break, Buy, Borrow, and Build!
In closing, think about who the most important people in your world are. How do they show up in your timeline? Remember, there is no greater love one can show than by giving time. Live integrated lives.