Make the Most of a “Weird” Week

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Most of our almost 10K subscribers (thank you all very much, by the way 😊) will be reading this via email the day after Christmas. It marks the beginning of the “weird” week between Christmas and New Years.

Chris Suarez said on a call this past week about making it to a private mastermind call, “it’s a tough week for some; for others it’s a normal week.”

What makes it tough or weird is that we have less structure due the fact that we and so many others are out of work. Yet, this is an incredible time for work and personal productivity if we make the most of it.

How do you make the most out of this tough or weird week? In a word: intentionality. You must be intentional so that your week will not fly by and you look in the mirror Sunday, January 2nd at 9pm and wonder where the time went.

What do you want to accomplish this week? Accomplishments are not just around your job. Think about who you will be with and what activities are already planned. What would getting the most out of those plans look like?

For me, my parents fly into Austin to spend a few days with us. That is precious time for us as a family and our kids to spend time with Grammy & Grandpa. We make plans that allow for lots of grandparent time and opportunities to leave the kids at home and have adult time with Mom & Dad. We are intentional about spending quality time together in different ways.

And, work doesn’t stop. There’s a couple of projects that require attention and movement to remain on schedule. (Sneak Peak: Chris & I are working on an exclusive, immersive and Xperiential leadership coaching program for 2022… stay tuned!!) So, I’ve carved out time when it’s typically down time for the family a couple of days during the week. I have specific goals to accomplish during those windows, which will allow me to be efficient and purposeful with work.

By the end of the week, I’ll know what work success looks like because I completed the activities I assigned myself. I know what family success looks like because we spent focused, quality time together.

Here’s some points to consider for you as you get intentional around “winning” this week.

Work: what projects or “working on the business” activities can you accomplish to move you forward?

Family: What do you want to achieve with family relationships? How can you intentionally cultivate that? Remember: if you’re not intentional, it’s likely not going to be as productive.

Personal Growth: What books, podcasts, documentaries, etc. will allow you to move forward in a certain interest of yours that will create growth?

Rest: Maybe you just desire to rest. Give yourself that permission. Know what that looks like, though. Is it a certain amount of sleep? Is it exercise? Is it meditating or yoga or church? What does “rest” mean to you and how will you know you’ve accomplished it?

Like me, you can have some combination of personal & professional goals for the week. Be sure to bring intentionality to the party so that you get it done and know that you got it done.

Whatever is in your heart to do over this weird week, run it through these two questions:

  1. What specifically do I want to accomplish that will be meaningful to me?
  2. How will I know that I’ve actually accomplished it?

Those two foundational, yet crucial questions will be your catalyst to intentionality and getting the most out of your time & energy. Let’s turn a tough and weird week into one that actually gives us satisfaction and fulfillment. Happy holidays!