Make Gratitude an Attitude

Nald GuevarraPartner Calls, Team Talk


Each week, Xperience partners start the Friday Partner Call by sharing gratitudes. This week, as the gratitudes were flowing, CEO Chris Suarez reminded the team WHY expressing gratitudes is so important! Chris referred to Dr. Martin Seligman’s research on Positive Psychology. There are three key components that contribute to psychological health and happiness.

  1. Caring about other people

  2. Performing small acts of service

  3. Showing gratitude

While we often focus on writing down our gratitudes, we should also express them out loud. Expressing small thanks change your brain and bring joy and happiness.


Habits shape our identity. We find it easy to repeat bad habits and difficult to form good ones. Why is this? There are three levels of change that must occur to change a habit:

  1. Understanding the required or desired outcomes

  2. Changing habits and systems — a new routine or new environment

  3. Changing your identity


The outcome is what you get. The process is what you do. Your identity is what you believe. Decide the type of person you want to be and then prove it to yourself with small wins. Visualize your story and identity, then slide into that vision.Just back from KW MAPS Recharge, Xperience partner Heather Skow was bursting with powerful AHA’s to share with the team! Here are some quick takeaways from speaker Joe Montana on his secrets to winning! You have to believe in yourself and put in the effort. Joe spent more time in preparation — studying the playbook and practice — then he did on the field. He did not want to know what it was like to lose so he focused all of his efforts on winning. Don’t get caught up in distractions, focus on what you NEED to do.