Lights. Camera. ACTION.

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We all know what movie directors say to start filming a movie scene. “Lights. Camera. Action.”

While I’m sure it’s something a bit more technical than those words specifically, the purpose is to make sure that stage is set for the acting to begin. The lights must be on, the camera must be rolling or you’ll miss some of the action.

This is a great metaphor for our goals and goal achievement. Light = illumination of what you want to accomplish. Example is a SMART goal. Camera = the necessary tools to achieve the goal. It’s the process and how you’ll do it. Action = taking the steps to achieve the goal.

While the lighting and the camera is important to a movie, it’s the action that makes the movie. I watched the 20 anniversary retrospective interviews about the movie “Love Actually” this week. They didn’t talk about the lighting or the camera work. They talked about the memorable performances by the actors.

Let’s all agree that action is the most important piece of goal achievement.

Set goals around action

When I began a new health journey more than 7 years ago, I didn’t actually have a specific achievement goal in mind at the time. I just knew I wanted to be healthier.

Granted, that was probably an opportunity missed. I did set goals for my activities. I knew how often I was going to workout and I knew the nutrition lifestyle I was going to follow.

It worked better than I imagined. I shed more pounds than I probably thought I could have. I did this not by focusing on the results of the scale, but by focusing on the action plan.

Because I had action goals, I was able to focus on the most important aspect to achieving a result – what I do.

What are your action goals?

Setting action goals are straightforward. Yet, it’s not automatic.

Here’s a simple way to do it. Take the results goals you have – e.g. a certain revenue number, profit number, weight number, clothing size, etc. and ask: “what specific action is necessary for me to achieve that result?”

Work out exactly what it will take on a daily or weekly basis for you to achieve whatever your results goals are.

If you’re a business owner it might be the activity it takes for you to sell your product or service. It also could be a number of recruitment or investor appointments to grow your business. If you want to shed pounds, it might be a specific nutrition plan that you are going to follow and amount of time in exercise.

Nothing happens without action

Just like in the movies, nothing happens without action. It’s the reason that action is a critical part of creating meaningful and lasting change in your life. You literally cannot do anything without action.

With action goals, you’re set-up for success. Your job becomes to follow and hit the action goals that will give you the results.

The beauty is that when you focus on an action goal, you live in the moment and your confidence increases. This happens because your focus is on the activities in which you have full control.

End this year strong and slingshot into 2023 by focusing on your action goals.

Lights. Camera. ACTION.