Lessons from the Industry’s Best

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Our team is back at it! We’re creating another event for the real estate industry by interviewing some of the biggest business leaders in real estate.

We do it for a couple of main reasons… #1: we believe that the foundation of every business is a playbook and we want to help people create or build one; #2: I get to learn so much from the interviews. (I know that’s selfish… sorry, not sorry 😛)

I’ve had the great pleasure to speak with and learn from incredible leaders to build this event. And to not feel so selfish for the learning I’ve received, I’m sharing some of my biggest takeaways here, even before the event this coming Thursday.

Read on for some of my biggest learnings from the Playbook of the Pros event speakers:

Chris Suarez: The perfect business plan is not only built around what you want to achieve in the future, it informs what you do today to make it happen. Chris says you must be really specific when creating a GPS & vision for your business so that it reveals the activities that will get you to your goal.

Lance Loken: Creating a goal far out into the future is easy, it simply requires thinking about what you want in the future. When you can envision where you want to be in life and business 5 years from now, Lance takes the approach of mastering one thing each year in pursuit of the long-term goal.

Jeff Quintin: Double your listings in the first quarter of 2022 by following his PLANS. Prospect, Lead follow-up, Appointments for business, Negotiate like a master, Scripts & skills. When you set up your schedule to run the PLANS, you’ll get increased listings.

Noah Ostroff: Thinking bigger is all about thinking different. He tells us not to think about incremental gains, instead focus on our potential and what is possible for you. That way the process plays out for him is through his use of income from jobs funding investments that create passive income.

Marley Jackman: Developing new agents on your team requires you to help them get into production quickly. You must have a proven path and system that will generate business when it’s executed by agents. Plus, be able to know and show the signs of progress or problems to get them the biggest results.

Rob Chevez: Investing in real estate starts with the deal – i.e. the property. Agents have the advantage because finding deals is what we do for a living. Finding money lenders & co-investors happens when you have a good investment opportunity, so the playing field is open to everyone to build massive wealth quickly.

Chris Stuart: The Future is Faster than You Think happens because of converging technology. Technology, like money, compounds and moves us farther, faster. As agents, we need to prepare ourselves to take advantage of the speed of change today.

Clearly, I’m excited to share all of these conversations and plays from these leaders’ playbooks with everyone. Bring more takeaways back to your business at the event when you click here to sign-up.