Leading and Thriving with a Dispersed Team

Nald Guevarrablogposts, Events, Growth

One day, just a few weeks ago, you were happily sitting around a table with your team members for your weekly team meeting. Just a couple days later, it is likely that your brokerage requested that you work from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Just. Like. That. You are now charged with leading and motivating a dispersed team. While we did not expect or ask for social distancing, there is a lot that we can gain from this journey that will possibly change the way we operate in the future and test if we have the right systems —  and the right people.

We learn from the book Shift that, “A market shift can be an opportunity to evaluate, upgrade and topgrade your business — an unsolicited gift of the shift.” Leading a dispersed team is a solid first step in this evaluation. 

Here are five key tactics to implement to keep your team on track while operating in a virtual world during uncertain times.  

1. Clarity is power. — BOLD Law

In times of uncertainty, it is up to leaders to chart the path laying out exactly what needs to be executed, what the expected results will be and how progress will be measured. 

2. Accountability breeds response-ability. — Stephen Covey

When not meeting face-to-face, it is difficult to determine output and daily work habits. Even in real estate where we can typically use daily activities and how those activities convert to business as a measurement tool, in today’s climate, we might be challenged to do so because daily market changes. Leverage the tools you are already using such as daily tracking, the 411 and the 1-3-5 for accountability measures. Take it one step further and inspect what you expect. If someone says they made 300 dials and talked to 21 people, ask specifics about the conversations, role play the objections, identify tactics used that led to wins.

3. The virtual world mirrors the physical world. — Marissa Mayer

Our activities, meetings and conversations executed in the physical world can be executed virtually as well. Leverage technology for meetings, for one on ones, for lead generation and connectedness. Do not stop your face to face interaction. Tools such as Zoom and Skype can provide tremendous value to conversations for uncovering nuances such as body language and energy.

4. A sense of connection is a basic need. — Abraham Maslow 

Now, more than ever, we need to lean into our teams and stay connected. This might mean adding both a morning and afternoon touch base with the group. Identify greater opportunities for collaborative learning. Or, simply pick up the phone each day and call each of your team members.

5. Select the right team members. — Sekou Bermiss

Don’t let social distancing or a shift slow down your talent search. You have the opportunity to attract committed team members to your business because you have the models and systems that will lead to continued growth and future success regardless of the market. While it is always important to hire for fit and to follow a thorough recruiting process, now it is more important than ever to hire accountable, communicative, motivated individuals who believe in your mission. 

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