Intentional Living with John Maxwell

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Intentional LivingEverything worthwhile is uphill.Relationship.  Business.  Dream.No one accidentally goes uphill.The Problem?  We have uphill hopes and downhill habits.No effort, intentionality, habits.What got you there won’t keep you there.Intentionality gets you up here.  Live intentionally…things will move the way it should move.We must be intentional in the area of your growth.  Growth is not an automatic process.GROWTH ENVIRONMENT1.) A place where other people are ahead of me.     Always have people around you who are better2.) A place where I’m continually challenged.      Every challenge also represents an opportunity.3.) A place where my focus is forward.4.) A place where the atmosphere is affirming.5.) A place where I wake up excited.6.) A place where failure is not your enemy. Be intentional in your attitude. Activity is not necessarily accomplishment.