Instead of Writing this Blog I Watched the Bachelor

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Spoiler alert: you already figured out that the title is not entirely accurate since you’re reading this blog. Obviously, I actually wrote it.

Though, I was tempted to watch this week’s Bachelor In Paradise show over writing this blog.

Did you see what happened this week?!? All the women were sent off to another resort and left the men in “paradise” with a new flock of women. Come on… I really wanted to see what drama would ensue. 🤣

Yet as entertaining as knowing which guy would choose a new girl and who would stick with their original girl, the real reason I wanted to watch it was much more dramatic.

I wanted to procrastinate writing the blog. (Cue the thunder & lightning.)

Here’s what was really going on with me. I spent the full day with coaching clients, then wrangled our kids to bring them home from playing in our neighbor’s yard, to then get them showered, ate a family dinner, put the girls to bed, then cleaned the kitchen. I was tired. I felt done. I wasn’t motivated to write a blog.

Not only was I tired, I didn’t have a topic to write about. Normally I have blog topics planned in advance. Sometimes those plans change when something during the week interests me more, yet I have a plan. In fact, I have plans for next month. I didn’t have one this week.

As the deadline approached to write and get this out, I had nothing and was tired. The pull to procrastinate was real.

We procrastinate as a coping mechanism. It keeps us from doing the uncomfortable thing. We do the easy thing instead. We scroll social media instead of making that call during work. We binge watch a show at night instead of catching up on that book we “want to read.” We talk around the water cooler instead of getting to work.

The uncomfortable thing that makes us uncomfortable is from stress. It was stressful to sense my blog deadline ticking closer and knowing I had nothing. It was much easier to tell myself, “You’ll figure it out later… let’s see what these crazy Bachelor in Paradise characters are doing.”

You know where the procrastination road takes you. You don’t do the important thing that gets you closer to your goal. And, it moves you farther away from the person that you want to be.

And that’s how I pulled myself away from the TV and toward the laptop. I am not the person that gives up when there’s stress and friction. I show up and do the hard thing when it’s time to do the hard thing.

I connected with the person I want to be and who I believe I am. I knew I was being pulled to procrastinate. I literally closed my eyes, took a deep breath and asked myself, “who do I want to be at this moment?” That pulled me out of the procrastination and brought me to the home office you pen this blog.

And that’s when the spark happened. Once I decided to write the post, the inspiration of this subject hit me. My mind gave me the resources I needed when I committed to doing that action. Then I was fully motivated to write this for you! The procrastination was gone.

Our mind sometimes wants to push us in the easy direction. Often, we procrastinate. Yet when we lean into who we really want to be and focus on the outcomes we desire, our mind rallies to support us. That’s a much better ending than whatever happened on Bachelor in Paradise.