How to Fall in Love with Boredom

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There is said to be little hope for falling in love with a habit that you truly hate. It doesn’t add up and doesn’t make sense. This is the exact reason that we ask our Xperience partners to PICK their lead generation lever. Lead generation is difficult as it is; we want them to love it and have it be their first choice. 

There are things you can do to combat boredom, since it CAN result in creativity. It has been discovered that right after periods of boredom, people tend to be the MOST creative. It opens up space and solves problems. 

If you dislike going to the gym, can you fall in love with going to the gym eventually? We all know that working out is good for us, but can we eventually learn to love it? 

If you want to fall in love with going to the gym or said task…

Option #1 : Increase your proficiency at the task

Become skilled at the task at hand and learn the basic fundamentals. Celebrate the small wins and the improvements that you make. It’s much easier to fall in love with doing something over and over again if you can look forward to making progress! This will help you build momentum over time. 

Option #2 : Fall in love with a result of the task rather than the task itself

We have way more success when we shift our focus away from the task and shift the focus to the result we are going to receive. You’re giving yourself an opportunity to fall in love with the boredom of sticking to the streak and that is something you will enjoy!

Love of boredom leads us into the power of patience. There is a beautiful blend of patience and consistency and this is a huge competitive advantage. We know that in this industry, success is found in practicing the fundamentals that everyone KNOWS they should be doing, but they find too boring. 

What in your perfect week WILL require patience and consistency? What can be boring, but if practiced with consistency will lead you to success?