How Practicing Powers Production

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“I actually feel like an agent now.” — Taylor Burrise

Taylor Burrise became a professional musician at 11, started his first fashion company at 15, and now sells luxury homes in the Sacramento area. He’s always been passionate about business. He hasn’t always been passionate about practicing.

As a member of the Xperience Real Estate team, Burrise has quickly learned that truly committing to practicing his listing presentations and being held accountable by his team has led to newfound confidence, conversions, and sales.Xperience Director of Expansion Katie Benson recently interviewed Burrise to talk about his decision and the results he’s achieving.

Like many talented professionals, Burrise is his own harshest critic. When Benson asked him to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 how committed he was to practicing his listing presentation a year ago, Burrise replied, “A solid 2. I’d practice maybe once a week.”

Fast forward to 2018 and Burrise is working with a regional director, Rashel Adragna, who holds him accountable to uploading a listing presentation video every Sunday so they can review and track progress.Now he practices repeatedly and the results he’s getting are clear. As Benson observed: “Comparing those early presentations with now, I’m astounded by Taylor’s transformation. Now it feels like we’re having a conversation. Before, you could tell he had just committed a bunch to memory.”

Burrise says what’s even more impressive is the transformation it has had on him and his confidence. “I vividly remember the moment when I realized, ‘I’ve got it!’ Truthfully I don’t even need to go through the presentation because my confidence level is so much higher. I actually feel like an agent now.”Benson concurs. “What’s so powerful is that when you’re not thinking about what to say next, it opens your mind to listen, observe, and know when to pivot,” she said. “You simply can’t do that when you’re thinking about the words you need to say next. And when you show up confident you almost always get the sale.”