How Do You Win The Day?

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When Feeling Overwhelmed or Stressed Ask Yourself:

  • What are the 20% of activities or people that are producing 80% of the results or positive emotional states that I want?

  • What are the 20% of activities or people that are producing 80% of the pain, headaches, or negative emotional states that I have?

  • What would this look like if this were easy?

  • How can I use money instead of time to fix this?

  • How can I ask others for help?

One of the commonalities of world class performers is the fact that they have consistent morning routines.  Its a boot-up sequence to win the day

1. Mindfulness

  • Spend time with some type of meditative practice. This will train you to be less reactive so you do not throw off your focus.

2. Gratitude

  • Tim O’Reilly goes on a run every morning and forces himself to take one photo along the way, it could be a flower..a tree.. something he finds beautiful and is grateful for.

  • Utilize present state awareness, focus on the positive as opposed to looking for negative.

3. No Decisions

  • Make sure you don’t have any conscious decisions to make in the morning …have everything planned the night before

  • Reasonably competent people don’t lose in aspects of their life because they pursue bad ideas. They say yes to reasonably good ideas…but that prevents them from taking on the amazing ones that come along.