Getting Gritty With It

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Recently we all read the book, Grit: The Power of Passion of Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. Through her research, the author discovered that grit is a combination of passion and perseverance for a singular important goal and is the hallmark of all high achievers in every domain. Grit is something we in the real estate business need to have. We need to be highly motivated and really committed to our business.

If I’m gritty about one thing, will I be gritty about everything?

Duckworth explains, “Not necessarily. To be gritty, in my view, is to have passion and perseverance about something in your life. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily engage in all possible pursuits with equivalent passion and perseverance. And indeed, the limits of time and energy suggest that focusing on one thing means focusing less on others. You can’t pursue becoming a great pianist and at the same time a great mathematician, and a great sprinter and chef and philosopher…But it’s also true, I think, that to be gritty means to pursue something with consistency of interest and effort. Some people choose not to pursue anything in a committed way, and that, to me, is lack of grit.”

Choose Where You Will Use Your Grit.

  • Where am I showing up committed?

  • What am I committed too?

  • What activities do I use my grit for?

  • We all need grit somewhere. It doesn’t have to show up everywhere in your life or business but you have to have grit somewhere or else your wasting your time and energy.

Xperience Example of Grit

Recently one of our Xperience partners, Nate, showed his grit when using his database, consistency and relationships in order to sign on a client. Nate had just switched from door knocking to expireds and for sale by owners.

December 14th:Nate had a conversation with the for sale by owner client using the “Hey I might have a buyer” approach. He was shut down quickly and was told not to bother with his potential buyer.

January 25th:Katie told Nate his listing were down and that he needed 2 more open houses in order to reach his lead generation lever.

January 29th:Nate called the for sale by owner client using John Powers’ advice and asked if he could hold an open house. The client immediately opened up and they began to build a relationship. They realized they had mutual friends and the client started to become more comfortable with the idea of having Nate list her home.

March 16th:Nate held his first open house at her property. The client continued to do her own open houses as well.

March 23th: Nate met with this client. The two had the conversation about what her plan was if her property did not sell. They also had a conversation about Nate potentially listing the property.

March 25th:The client signed agreement to let Nate takeover the listing.After three months of communication and nurturing his potential client, Nate finally was able to list this property as his own. He used grit and determination throughout this long process and it eventually paid off. Not only was Nate able to take this listing as his own, he was also able to build his database and his relationship with his client. This client is now recommending Nate to her friends and family members.

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