Conversation with Chris Suarez & Gary Keller

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On the Mega Camp stage, Gary Keller sat down with Chris Suarez to figure out why the “Xperience” in Xperience Real Estate is so important. 

“I named our company Xperience Real Estate. And the reason why I did, because truth be told, if I didn’t, I will be pulled back in. Me naming the company Xperience Real Estate was this constant reminder that I better live that or else I’m just a sales person and I don’t want to be. And so for us, what we’ve found is there a large group of agents, that want meaning, that want purpose, and want to live Xperientially. It’s a mission of God and then you need profit in order to do that much. 

The mission of living Xperientially has been our greatest attractor for talent. I believe it’s the mission that has grown. 

I wake up everyday knowing that as I grow, I create an Xperience for my family. It’s a constant reminder that my purpose is to create Xperiences for those that I work with, those that I love, those that are around me. That’s what drives the growth of the business.”

Watch Chris Suarez’s full conversation with Gary Keller here.