Chris Suarez’s FIVE to THRIVE

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verb = Continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship.




verb = Grow or develop well or vigorously. prosper; flourish.

You Survived, Now Thrive!

Chris Suarez’s Five to Thrive

  1. Don’t Change the Goal: We may have started 2020 thinking this was going to be the best year ever. But the fact is, it wasn’t going to be everyone’s! Remember, the goal informs the strategy.  The strategy informs the activity.  The activity informs your calendar.  Your calendar informs your schedule. Don’t use an unexpected challenge as an excuse for you not to show up just one more time.

  2. Win the Day: Ask yourself 3 questions every single day.

  • What can I do today?

  • What will I do today?

  • What did I do today?

…Then you know if you WON THE DAY.

In Stephen Covey’s, Law of the Farm, he describes how a farmer doesn’t wake up and get to cram all their tasks into one day. If you’re a farmer, you wake up every day and do your work. Covey says, “Success comes not from sudden, sporadic bursts of activity but through the cumulative effect of disciplined, daily effort.”

3. Learn Something New: This keeps us humble and if we are learning, we will grow.

4. Play the Long Game: All about delayed gratification; know that the work you are putting in now will see benefits later. Trust in the process and don’t let instant gratification get the best of you.

5. Be Still: Take a breath and be still. Think about what you want to do and accomplish. In Ryan Holiday’s new book, Stillness is the Key, he says that “Life is too short to work for any period of time to get to a place where you don’t get to do what you want to do. Figure out how to do what you want to do today.”

These 5 five things will move us out of survival mode and into thrive mode.