Believe in Your Success

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” -- CJ Jung

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” — CJ Jung

Believe in Your Success

When we look at the properties we currently have under contract, it is likely that they are not closing until late June or early July which means we are halfway through the year when it comes to hitting our production goals. Where are you in terms of your goals?

On this Friday’s Partner Call, Xperience Real Estate’s Director of Expansion Katie Benson shared some tips for facing reality of where we are today, assessing what is holding us back and providing an action plan to move us forward.  

First and foremost, we must track. It’s when we track that the reality is staring us in the face. When we don’t track it is easier for us to trick ourselves. If we have awareness, we can consciously decide to do something different.  

What does success REALLY mean to you? This question is so big that it becomes challenging to answer. Rather or not you realize it, you already operate from a set of rules that govern your success — what is and what is not okay in relation to the success in your life.

There are things we have set out to accomplish that we have not. Something is stopping us from considering ourselves a success — rules we are hanging onto at an unconscious level. What behavior is causing you to have unconscious feelings that cause us to feel dissatisfied?

There is reason behind our behavior. Until we understand what drives us to do certain things, we are going to believe that our lives are controlled by fate and not ourselves.

The good news is, feeling important and successful is an internal game. You can rewrite the rules to serve you to get what you truly desire. Your internal world drives your behavior and life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You experience what you believe.

There are five components to how beliefs are formed:

  1. Environment

  2. Significant Events

  3. Knowledge

  4. Past Experience

  5. Visualization

Every belief and decision you make is dated and relative to the time it was made. Your belief systems are as changeable as the length of your hair. You can change them. Beliefs are programmable and can be reprogrammed.

Internal laws or rules that stipulate what you must do to experience success. These are beliefs that we must challenge.

  1. Deserving Law: This is your sense of worthiness. No one can make us feel worthy except ourselves.

  2. Work Ethic Law: In your mind, how hard you have to work to be successful.

  3. Pain Permit Law: We overcomplicate things. There does not have to be pain to gain.

  4. Sacrifice Law: We often think that we have to give things up to get to the level of success we want. The truth is, success requires you to sacrifice what is not important for what is truly important.  

  5. Independence Law: Asking for help is cheating. This is not true, the reality is, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go farther, go with others.

What rule is ruling your life right now? Write it down.

Now, let’s reverse it.

  1. We first must separate ourselves from the program or belief.

  2. Imagine something more empowering and rewrite it to a more empowering belief. Success is progress, not perfection.

  3. Declare the new belief and gather evidence to support that new belief. Find an example of how your rewritten belief is true for you.

  4. Take action. When we take action in alignment with a new belief, it takes a different hold on us. Act as if it were true.