Becoming a High Performer

Nald GuevarraGrowth


There is an ever-persisting need for high performers. If we are going to survive the shift, we have to perform.

4 Capacities of High Performers:

  • Body

  • Emotion

  • Mind

  • Spirit

High performance is being able to have energy on demand. You don’t have to be high energy everyday all day, but you need to be able to manage and control your energy levels.

To reach ideal performance state, we need supportive secondary competencies:

  • Endurance

  • Strength

  • Self-control

  • Focus

  • Flexibility

The best long-term performers tap into positive energy at all levels of the performer’s pyramid. Positive energy around mind, body and spirit. Those that can function in ideal performance state the longest are the best performers. The key skill is the capacity to mobilize energy on demand


Oscillation! Our body goes through energy expenditure (stress) and energy renewal (recovery). You cannot be high performing if you do not have energy expenditure and energy renewal.

Physical Capacity

The key to increasing physical strength and energy is known as supercompensation. The creation of a balanced work life ratio.

Recovering Within Our Day

  • Create a ritual.

  • Those who do not have routines or rituals between energy expenditures are more prone to anxiety and choking under pressure.

  • Without these rituals our energy will run out faster, our batteries will drain quicker and by January 23rd, we will be exhausted.

High Performers Practice

A routine of stress, recovery, stress, recovery will help you reach ideal performance state. We often go beyond our breaking point with clients or call sessions. But in doing so and giving ourselves time to recover, we become stronger.

Bottom Line:

Create a routine for times of energy renewal to ensure you have enough energy to be a high performer during times of energy expenditure.