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Image Matters

During a breakout with the leaders of mega agent teams powered by Xperience, Director of Expansion Katie Benson shared some tips she learned from her coach, Katie Patulski about image. 

Influence is created by and begins with your image and the image you project. 

There are two primary areas to focus on: 

  1. Gain clarity about the image you would choose to project

  2. Understand how your image impacts your audience

Our image is less about us and more about who we are looking to attract. Your image is far more about your prospect than it is about you! 

Ask yourself, “Who is my intended audience?” The more specific you become, the more successful you become. Consider two to three characteristics. 

Your image is created by four primary sources: 

  • Your Clothing

  • Your Grooming

  • Your Body Language 

  • Your Words 

We want the attention to be on YOUR WORDS and YOUR ABILITY to help others, not about what you are wearing or your image. By showing that you are put together, you are showing that you are put together enough to take care of them. 

Ask yourself: 

  • What are the four characteristics that represent you as a person? 

  • What are the four characteristics or traits that are important to my intended audience (potential client or team member)? 

  • How are your characteristics that are habitual match up with your intended audience?

Don’t let anyone question your abilities because of your image. Intead, project the image that evokes confident competence.