Am I going to do it?

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Here’s what I know about me. I’m much more likely to do something, even if I want to do it, if I’m in an environment where I’m asked to do the work.

A number of years ago I decided to run to stay in shape. I wanted to. Once I joined a running group to train for half marathons & a full marathon, I turned my desire into action.

Years later my wife Kristen and I decided to make nutrition a priority. We purchased a nutritional program and we committed to each other to see it through. I was the chef. That got me into action, which then became a habit. I am over 30 pounds less than my heaviest and have been for more than 7 years now.

I’m currently finishing another coaching certification. I wrote about this a few weeks ago here. I’ll soon be officially a certified Integrative Neuro Linguistic Programming (iNLP) coach.

Why is this certification important? On the surface, it’s not, really. Having a certificate alone will not make me better equipped to help people be there best & have more fulfillment & happiness at work.

The training on the way to become certified certainly increases my skill set that I get to apply with my private clients as well as group coaching clients.

Here’s the thing. Most of the actual techniques taught in this program are refreshers or a slightly different spin of techniques I’ve been using for years. Two things are important to note about this: 1) it’s the nuances that make the difference; 2) I would not have delved into the practice & mastery nearly as much as I have in this program.

Maybe this is just a failing of mine. Maybe you have more focus, insight and clarity around where you can increase your skill. Maybe you are so proactive that you can do it all on your own, when you want and don’t allow the busyness of the day take precedence.

I doubt it, though. The writings and teachings from “Think and Grow Rich, ” “How to Win Friends & Influence People” and “Man’s Search for Meaning” have been around for generations and read by millions and millions. If you actually followed the teachings there, you’d have all the success in business and happiness in life you’d ever care for.

And if you did, guys like Brenden Bouchard and Tony Robbins wouldn’t have a market to write books and fill stadiums of people. They have a market (and are necessary) because we need an environment to help us with the nuances and actually take the action.

That’s not a failing of you and of me. We have stuff going on. We have businesses to run, families to operate, friends to spend time with and we must also stop to rest. It’s easy to put our head down and go. And frankly, many times driving toward the goal is the right thing to do.

And yet, you and I know that we can only go so far with the same basic skill set & mindset. We need to continuously increase our skill set and how we think if we’re going to win we’re going to win tomorrow.

You also know that if you’re going to reach a higher goal, then you have to do something different. You must think differently, too. As you make your goals for 2023, you must also include the environment in which you’re going to be pushed in the activities of growth.

Our group coaching & mentorship with Chris Suarez Xperiential MBA is such a place. We blend Chris’ life & leadership lessons in a framework that he can teach you how to follow. And you’ll be asked to take specific action toward your goals in an environment that is supportive of leaders.

If you’re not one of the 25 leaders to participate with Chris this coming year, plan to find a growth community. Focus on the learning & growth and put that into specific action. THAT is when you know you’ll ACTUALLY do the things you want to. When you take action, that’s when you’ll see results happen big time for you!