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This expression has a naval origin dating back to the 1700’s. It was a call to action to have all sailors come to the deck of the ship in order to help with a storm. It was a command usually given by the captain of the ship so that they could safely navigate the storm.

About two years ago while sitting in Austin, Gary Keller shared that we were heading for a shift like the industry had never seen before. It was not just an economic shift. It was a technology shift. It was an industry shift. He advised us all to be ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. He shared that he had worked harder that year than in any year previously. He beat that again in 2018. And on January 8, 2019 he has announced he is not just ready to roll up his sleeves, he is willing to step back into the role of “captain of the ship” as CEO of Keller Williams Realty International.The news and social media loves a good story. After all, if drugs were legal, 90% of humans would take them…just ask the cannabis industry. And the most addictive drug of all? Dopamine. That drug that flows through your body as soon as slightest bit of drama, I mean, news hits. It’s why you love Facebook. It’s why you also have Instagram and Twitter. It’s what has made Inman a fortune. And it’s why news of Gary Keller stepping back into the role of CEO pretty much broke the internet.The addiction to drama is also why there will be hundreds of others asking why, wondering what happened, and creating stories where there isn’t one. I hopped on social media for a few minutes this evening, only to smile and hop off. People had shot videos, there were conversations without any relevant facts, there were people who had left KW months or even years ago voicing opinions unsolicited…I get it. We all like where we work. We all feel it’s the best company out there. If you didn’t we wouldn’t be there, or at least we shouldn’t be. I don’t often share my opinions on that publicly. And I always respect others choices, whether I understand them or not.But lets not miss the real news…the news that won’t necessarily give you the dopamine hit you may have been looking for on a random Tuesday evening:

Fact: Gary never left KW. Even when not functioning as the CEO he has shown up every day as a leader within in our industry and a champion of the real estate professional. I have always said “I am not brand loyal. I’m leadership loyal”. I’m here because of, and for, the leadership. Look around for and at the leaders in your personal life…and your business life. You chose them. Don’t take that choice lightly.

Fact: Success leaves clues. KW is the most successful real estate brokerage model in the industry? On what count? Well, all of them. Production, Agent Count, Customer Satisfaction, Coaching, etc…I am not sharing an opinion. Fan of KW or not, the fact is, the entire history of our leadership has built an incredible business model and company for real estate agents. This was not just Gary Keller. It was the leadership teams and the hands he had around himself for the past 35 years. All of them. Every one. He has done that again with a focus on what is needed right now…A new CEO and a new President, in Josh Team.

Fact: The real estate industry is going through a storm. A welcomed one. One we have prepared for. And one that requires work. It will take a lot of hands on deck, and it will take the most skilled captain. The biggest message in this evening’s news is that Gary Keller is on the deck. He has stepped back in to man the helm of the ship. As leaders of real estate offices, real estate teams, or businesses outside of our industry, there is a lesson here. Get ready to step back in and do the work this year. At Xperience Real Estate, we have been preparing our agents for the past 3 years to be willing to #DoTheWork and #XperienceGrowth. We have not always chosen the easy way. We have not always handed business to our partners. But we have been willing to roll up our sleeves, put our heads down, and serve others. We have prepared. We have practiced. We have pivoted. All hands have been on deck.

Fact: Gary is the captain. He has rolled up his sleeves again, grabbed a rope, called all hands on deck, and is manning the helm.So in lieu of squandering time videoing our opinions, in place of the bad energy we mustered up to bash an outgoing leader or former company, instead of thinking and talking about what this all could mean for the industry, let’s all follow a pretty solid model…and be willing to #DoTheWork it will take to personally win in 2019.Gary Keller modeled the way this week. Get back in. Be willing to roll up your sleeves. Prepare for and choose a year of hard work. I love the message that was given loud and clear today. I, for one, am excited to be part of a Keller Williams with Gary Keller as CEO. After over a decade with the company, it will be my first year here with Gary Keller operating in that role.

All hands on deck.



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