A Billion Times 0 is 0

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Jesse Itzler lit up the stage at the BuiltHOW LIVE conference this past week with a message of what true success looks like.

He said that if you want to get all that life has to offer, it’s good to work hard and hustle to build a business.

Jesse has never shied away from that. From the time he was a kid doing odd jobs, to becoming a recording artist, to a record label owner, to a private jet company owner, to a coconut water company – he’s had a bias toward action and hustle.

By his admission, some endeavors failed, while others earned billions.

While that is good – to put blood, sweat, tears … bring your passion and work as hard as you can – Jesse says you cannot hustle in business and sacrifice your spirit.

You’ve got to have your spirit, soul, relationships, health or you’ve really got nothing. A billion dollar cash out doesn’t mean a whole lot if you get there at the expense of your spirit.

If you’ve got a billion dollars and 0 spirit… “One billion times zero is zero” said Jesse. You really have nothing.

Then what is it? It’s the integration of the aspects of life that are the most important. In our language around here, we call it the pillars of living an experiential life.

Your career – at least for most of us – is important. We receive fulfillment, self-worth, momentum, joy as well as material desires from our success in business. Jesse would cheer you on. That’s not ALL…

Your relationships are crucial to your wellbeing. Your wealth provides the freedom of choice, your personal growth propels you forward. Your health keeps you in the game. Your spirituality makes it all worth it.

It’s not about some arbitrary balance of time. You might spend more time in some pillars than others given circumstances or priorities. Integration means that they are woven together like a fabric. All working together to create a beautiful tapestry of success. Whole success.

This past week, I left my family to attend the conference. It’s important for my career and I was able to experience events that stretch my growth. When I’m back, I’m going to spend a little extra time with my family and eat a little healthier. And, I’ll have work to do. I’m not engaged in some balancing act, just integrating it all together.

I may or may not reach billionaire status. Not really a personal goal of mine. Yet, what I do know is that I’ll have millions in each of my pillars. Millions times millions times millions is nearly infinite. Those are the results that I’m going for.

I think Jesse Itzler would say that’s pretty dope.