Xperience Playbook Consulting
Transform your real estate business with the systems and tools from Xperience, so that you, too, can
“Build an Xperiential Life Through Real Estate.”

Most real estate professionals find there are times when they hit the proverbial wall. They have achieved success and yet they look up to find a ceiling above their head. We get stuck doing the same things to get business, keep business, and close business. And it works well… until it doesn’t work for us anymore.

For many agents, the breakthrough comes when they leverage the systems and tools from other businesses with a proven track record of success. They follow the path that others have paved and start doing it themselves.

That’s exactly where Xperience Growth: Agent Playbook Consulting comes in.

Get All These Xperience Tools, Models and Systems


Month 1: Business Planning

  • Growth Plan
  • Xperiential Living
  • Xperience Business Plan
  • Business Vision
  • Xperience Weekly Planner
  • Win The Day 5C Worksheet

Month 2-3: LGL (Lead Generation Levers)

  • LGL options sheet
  • Perfect Week calendar
  • Script Book for each LGL
  • Database: LGL lead follow-up system

Months 4-5: Systems

  • Database: 10 Laws of the Database
  • Database: Sphere Of Influence top 100 plan
  • Marketing Operations
  • Transaction Bulletproofing

Months 6-7: P&L + Budgets

  • P&L system
  • Budget Forecasting Worksheet
  • Business Financials optimization
  • “Earn the Right” Planning

Months 8-9: Talent Growth

  • Future Organizational Model
  • Talent Lead Gen system: 36 touch program
Transform your business with the plays that have catapulted us to one of the top expansion in Keller Williams. This type of business transformation only happens when you implement it at a high level.

That’s where our one-on-one consultants come in. You’ll be working with a trained Xperience Growth Consultant to help create accountability around incorporating what you receive when you take this program and into your business at the highest level.

We’re excited to get to work on YOUR business so that you, too, can live out our mission of “Building Xperiential Lives Through Real Estate.”