The Ultimate
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Playbook Course
Plan Your Life.  Plan Your Year.  Plan Your Day.
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What makes this the Ultimate Business Planning Playbook Course for real estate professionals? Simple. It takes a whole life approach to your business. You determine what is important to you, figure out how your business will get it for you and then help you know what to do down to the day to achieve it.


The Ultimate Business Planning Playbook course consists of six incredibly simple tools that will make planning crystal clear. It starts with knowing what you want to achieve in the next year - not in business, in life. Then we build a business plan and vision that supports what you want. Then we help you plan how you’ll achieve that monthly, weekly and daily throughout the year
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  • Xperience Growth Plan

  • Xperiential Living Worksheet

  • Business Plan

  • Business Vision

  • Weekly Planner

  • Win the Day (Chris Suarez 5Cs)

Get all the tools plus a tutorial on how to expertly fill them out so that you will have a rock solid business plan and know the actions to make it happen for you.

Price: $99 USD
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Most people make their business plan blind. Essentially, they just pick a number that “sounds good” or “feels good” or some metric that will impress someone. Here’s the problem with that… Those goals don’t matter to them. It’s just a number on a sheet of paper.

So, when the going gets tough - as it will - that “goal” is unlikely to motivate someone to push through the hard stuff. And so, they fall behind and don’t hit the goal… just like every other year.

That is why this is different! The Ultimate Business Planning Playbook Course actually STARTS with what is important to you. We then make your business plan around that. Then, you have clarity as to WHY you want to earn the money that you want. Frankly, it has real meaning to you!

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